We have been cleaning residential windows in Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians for over 50 years.

We still use the traditional method for some houses but with time even window cleaning has moved on. We now use water fed poles, with de-ionised water, which is water that has all the impurities taken out of it. Windows are streak, spot free and dry almost instantly, giving you the cleanest windows you will ever see.

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We always put our Customers convenience first which is why we offer an easy payment system for our residential customers.

“It’s so easy. GoCardless means I don’t even need to be in to get my windows cleaned or to make sure my bill is up to date”

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Prepare for the Winter with Safe High Level Gutter Cleaning

Safe high level gutter cleaning with SkyVac
Safe High Level Gutter Cleaning

As well as expert window cleaners our team are also trained in the use of the SkyVac Gutter Cleaning system.

A ground-breaking method of cleaning your gutters, that doesn’t involve standing on your roof with the potential to cause unnecessary damage.

The SkyVac makes high level cleaning safe and efficient.